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Dispute Resolution and Forensic Account Analysis

- Project and Commercial Management

- Asset Management and Workout Solutions

This is at the heart of the Schofield's expertise and provides the core of its services to the construction industry and associated legal and financial institutions. This service typically employs a forensic process to investigate the status of a contract or project in dispute or crisis.

We have earned our reputation from solving problems which have arisen from construction related disputes and by providing solutions with tangible commercial benefits to our Clients, in many instances without recourse to litigation or alternative forms of dispute resolution.

Schofield Lothian provides impartial and independent advice which is derived from a thorough investigation and analysis of the information available and which is focused on establishing the true strengths and weaknesses of the issues arising as quickly as possible.

The key skills employed in undertaking such analysis include:

     - evaluation of project, the accounts and performance of respective contractual obligations
     - analysis and quantification of client's liabilities and entitlements
     - evaluation of quantum, cost and value
     - negotiation and agreement of final accounts
     - advice on strategic recovery of outstanding balances
     - drafting contractual correspondence
     - preparation of Independent Third Party and Expert Witness Reports
     - identification of delay and disruption events, including calculation of cause and effect
     - preparation and presentation of contractual claims, counter claims and rebuttal
     - drafting of pleadings/requests for particulars under legal direction
     - Identification and analysis of points of defense

At Schofield's we are able to translate the many complex issues arising to provide our Clients with a clear and comprehensive analysis of their position, which in turn enables them to formulate strategies towards settlement and mitigation of costs. Each project is unique and the solution to any particular dispute will be tailored to our Clients particular needs. The approach is agreed with the Client at the outset.

ADR and Expert Witness Reports

Schofield Lothian have gained extensive experience in all ADR procedures and can offer a range of services from the articulation and preparation of reasoned arguments to the preparation of replies and requests for particulars. Our experience in the industry and in particular in the forensic analysis of contract documents and records also enables us to research and prepare in depth Expert Witness reports.

For further information on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) click here to download PDF

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